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Nexus CPD – How to Embed a Coaching Culture in Your School

Learn how to build a solid foundation in your school on which the principles of coaching are built to bring positive change to all staff.

Never underestimate the power of educational coaching. From NQTs to executive heads, TAs to heads of year, the transformative and eye-opening effects of coaching can be felt far and wide. But it doesn’t stop there. The ripple effect running through the school produces positive change for staff and students alike.

But an important factor in the rollout of a coaching culture – and most importantly, an effective coaching culture – is the solid foundation on which the principles of coaching are built.

The readiness of the schooling staff is often assumed by the mere decision to implement change. But the intricacies surrounding the term ‘coaching culture’ – and the elements needed to introduce this to a school – are all too often overlooked.

Guiding staff to learn the theory behind the practice, alongside supporting schools to embed a coaching culture of their own, allows for a complete understanding of coaching structures and the techniques involved.

Julie Keyes, says ”as an advocate for all things coaching, I can’t stress enough the importance of doing things right. This is why, at The Educational Coach, we have our very own coaching model designed to include all these important elements. And we’re here to HELP you every step of the way”.

This session will guide you through Julie’s highly successful four-step process and includes all the stages you need to coach the right way – The Educational Coach Way.

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The author

Julie Keyes

Lead coach and founder at The Educational Coach, Julie Keyes delivers high-quality coaching services to schools in the UK and abroad. Alongside her team of expertly-skilled accredited coaching professionals and educators, Julie works with educational staff from all levels of the sector, believing accessibility to coaching is the key to a successful coaching culture.

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