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Empowering Young Minds for the Digital Age

Technology Books for Children

How can we prepare our students for a future dominated by technology? The answer might be simpler than we think, through the power of reading. By incorporating technology-themed books into our curriculum, we can inspire curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in our students. In this blog, the charity Technology Books for Children explores how reading for pleasure on tech topics can transform your classroom and empower young minds.

Beverly C STEM Books
Example of a tech book corner
Godolphin Junior Academy within the Park Federation Trust

Mission and Vision

At Technology Books for Children, our mission is to inspire young readers to explore the wonders of technology through captivating books and engaging resources. We believe that fostering a deep understanding of technology from an early age equips children to be active participants in the digital world, capable of questioning and comprehending its various facets. Our goal is to empower children with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate and thrive in the digital age.

How we work

“We support children, educators, parents, and families in gaining a greater understanding of technology through book recommendations, resources, and discussion,” says Beverly Clarke MBE, Founder and CEO of Technology Books for Children. “Our aim is to normalise conversations about tech and to do this through reading for pleasure.” Our work aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Gatsby Benchmarks, reinforcing our commitment to educational excellence and community development.

The Importance of Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure is a powerful tool in education, providing numerous benefits that extend beyond academic achievement. When children read for enjoyment they develop a lifelong love of learning, enhanced creativity, and improved cognitive skills. Focusing on tech-themed books offers unique possibilities, such as fostering creativity and innovation. By immersing young minds in stories about technology, there is the potential to ignite imaginations and encourage children to think creatively about solving real-world problems. This approach not only makes learning about technology fun but also inspires children to become the innovators and problem-solvers of now and the future.

Diverse Tech topics for readers

We offer a diverse selection of tech-themed books designed to foster a love for reading and fuel a passion for tech and STEM in your students. Our book recommendations cover a range of engaging topics such as digital citizenship, coding, gaming, artificial intelligence, data and more. By incorporating stories and informational texts about these subjects, you can help your students explore the exciting world of technology and develop a love and understanding of tech. Our recommendations are for readers from key stage 1 through to key stage 3.

Building the home-school link

Encouraging students to read for pleasure on tech topics doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom; it can extend into the home and become a whole-school initiative. By sending book recommendations home to parents, we can foster a collaborative effort to enhance students’ understanding and excitement about technology. Books like “The Person Controller” by David Baddiel, “The Technology Tail” by Julia Cook, “Tara Binns: Creative Coder” by Lisa Rajan, “Cyber Security Life Skills – for teens” by Mark Lynd and lots of other great titles can captivate students’ imaginations both in school and at home. When parents are involved in their children’s tech education, it creates a supportive environment that reinforces learning and inspires curiosity.

Charity Values

Strong values guide every aspect of our work

We encourage:

  • Children to read for pleasure about technology, in any environment.
  • Families to embrace technology and to discuss the impact on their lives.
  • Teachers to promote conversations about tech and to use books as a means to promote tech conversation.

We Share:

  • Resources that have been created by our charity.
  • Resources that have been created by trusted partners.
  • Information on digital literacy.

We commit to:

  • Recommending quality books, that can be read outside of the school curriculum and also those that can be used to support classroom activity.
  • Promoting author visits to organisations so that children can learn more about tech.
  • Working with high-quality partners, who work within the same and similar spaces.
  • Providing and creating high-quality resources.
  • Providing, creating and highlighting engaging and quality activities that help children and their families gain a greater understanding of tech.

We are here to:

  • Demystify technology and to ensure that children see their place alongside tech and with tech.
  • Work with others and to have open communication around understanding the positive impacts of tech on communities.
  • Ensure that tech is spoken about in a positive light.

Get Involved

We invite you to visit our website, to learn more about our work, explore our book recommendations, and discover ways to get involved.  

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, publisher, corporate organisation, or community leader, your participation can help us make a significant impact on children’s understanding of technology.

Help us spread the word and inspire the next generation of tech-inspired readers. Together, we can build a brighter, more informed future for our children.

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The author

Beverly Clarke is a Coach and Mentor. A TechWomen100 award winner with a diverse portfolio, she combines a career in Education consulting with Authoring, Coaching and Mentoring. She is an ILM Qualified Coach and Mentor, additionally she holds a STEM Learning Coaching and Mentoring qualification.

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