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How 3 Education Businesses are Reacting to School Closures

Confusion. Confliction. Utter panic. That’s all that went through all of our heads for a few days as the potential for school closures came closer to reality (and, if truth be told, we’re still a tad on-edge now). While some education businesses have marched forward to success, others have adopted more of a ‘burrowing hedgehog’ approach – leading to detrimental, potentially permanent disaster. Read these real-world methods from three of our clients to discover the successes (and dodge the pitfalls) to make sure your business surfaces unscathed.

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The author

Damien Challenger

Damien is the co-founder of Nexus Education - a collaboration of over 11,000 schools, 500 solution providers and other key figures across the education sector. Nexus encourages, and aids, group collaboration across a number of areas including procurement and training to ensure the best possible outcomes for children in schools all over the UK. Nexus has invested over £100,000 directly into UK schools via #NeXworking.

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