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5 ways teachers can use AI in the classroom

In this article, we explore five ways to use AI in the classroom. How can AI assist you in preparing a lesson, or while teaching?

AI and a human working together
  1. Ask your students to analyse an essay written by ChatGPT: Ask students to verify if the essay is accurate in terms of facts, well-organised, and includes appropriate references and examples. Providing feedback on the chatbot’s writing, and editing, could present a valuable learning experience!
  2. Use Turnitin to detect potential plagiarism in student work: Turnitin is an advanced AI tool that detects plagiarism in student work by comparing submissions to academic sources and internet publications. It also provides teachers with a similarity report and keeps them informed about emerging trends in misconduct.
  3. Create a complete lesson in just 2 minutes with LessonUp’s AI assistant Maia: With our AI assistant Maia you can create a great lesson basis in just 2 minutes of your time!  After inserting a clear prompt, copy-pasted text, or image containing text, Maia generates many optional slides that you can use in your lesson.
  4. Try PowerPoint Speaker Coach to prepare for presentations: The feedback provided by the PowerPoint Speaker Coach is valuable. It offers you insights and constructive criticism to identify specific areas where you can improve your presentation skills.
  5. ‘Ask Maia’ to make 1 to 5 quizzes/polls per lesson slide: All you have to do is go to an existing LessonUp lesson, and ‘Ask Maia’ to create 1 to 5 quizzes or polls based on any slide. 

Like every new technology, artificial intelligence has the potential to become our friend or foe depending on how we use it, and on our knowledge of how it works. These five ways of using AI in the classroom could assist you in preparing a lesson, or while teaching and can help you make AI your friend.

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The author

Thomas Courtley is a former faculty leader and teacher from South East England, with a true passion for human culture and society. For 10 years he worked within the UK educational system, in a variety of teaching roles and, over time, as head of different departments. He worked his way up the ladder with energy and dedication, seizing his chances to implement positive changes within the secondary schools he worked in. During this period of time, he worked in various roles, starting as a trainee and later taking on responsibilities as a literacy and numeracy coordinator, a history teacher, and a geography teacher. With time, he became head of humanities, geography, PSHE and RE. His deliberate choice led him to work in the outer South East London area, primarily in comprehensive schools with a substantial population of Pupil Premium Students. His personal background served as a powerful motivation to teach and connect with students who faced similar socio-economic challenges. Thomas believes that digital tools can support teachers in expressing themselves, engaging students, and promoting equality in the classroom.

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